Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sassy White Flower Boat.

Arrangement # 31
You have to take this presentation in stride. First, an earlier presentation was based on the minimalistic notion. ( See Arrangement #30 below). Pure and basic purple bracts and white flowers of the heliconia, served on a banana leaf.

The above is the final arrangement, minus minimalism. Here I combine the virtues or goodness of sassy pink with gardenia. Thus I call this arrangement...Sassy White Flower Boat. Sometimes I feel minimalism has its place. When the idea is economy, then scarcity , basic needs and of course budgetary concern are of prime importance. It is good lifestyle for a change. That's why I thought the arrangement below is a complete piece by itself. But sometimes we need to spice our life ( a little bit) , then the concept of minimalism will no longer applies. Other concerns come into focus - e.g chaotic gaiety,
Arrangement # 30

I still love the above composition for its simplicity and economy .

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