Tuesday, July 8, 2008

White Flower Boat

Arrangement # 28

Today, I feel like stripping off all the extravaganzas, preliminaries, excesses and extras. Just remain simple and basic. Something modern people these days call being minimalistic. This
idea zipped through my head this morning while I was pruning some banana leaves . When I approached a banana tree that was fruiting , I saw at the very tip of the bunch of fruits was a beautiful flower spike. I started to peel off the deep purple bracts one by one , it struck me that they can be used as a container, albeit shaped like a tiny boat. On the way back home I passed a clump of gardenias. Looking pure , untarnished , an unspoilt beauty. How would one express it with the help of bananas? So I took the biggest banana leaf to be used as background, placed the gardenias into the two large bracts and thus my composition of the day.....White Flower Boat. ( And makes me go Bananas!!!!)

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